Hei Li Hu could feel it inside him, awakening, moving. It was an odd crawling sensation just beneath the surface of his skin, as though another creature inside him was preparing to emerge when he shed his outer layer.

A GENETIC ENGINEERING SCIENTIST IN COLORADO goes missing, and former investigative reporter Gus O’Malley is hired to find him. But what starts as an easy case turns serpentine and deadly when a genetically-enhanced super-assassin tracks down the brilliant young scientist in New Zealand. Gus is there, but he is powerless to stop what happens next. To protect his family and catch the assassin, Gus and his allies must seek the death within life—the second skin we all wear.

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PRICE COLMAN, a veteran journalist and an award-winning business writer for the Rocky Mountain News, splits his time between the keyboard and the Colorado outdoors. En route to the writing career, Colman trained to be a professional diver. He also worked as a busboy, breakfast cook, and bartender, and he was a roughneck on a gas-drilling rig. He lives in the Four Corners area of southwestern Colorado.

Gus O’Malley is an expert Grand Canyon river guide and backcountry skier, but what really pays the bills is his skill in finding people. Gus will need all these moves and more when he’s hired by a wealthy biotech mogul to find his missing son, and a seemingly simple case turns deadly. In this highly unusual mystery, Price Colman keeps readers engaged—and guessing—to the end. This is a great read!

Jon Talton, author of the David Mapstone Mysteries series, Cincinnati Casebooks series, and the thriller, Deadline Man.

If Sam Spade rowed rafts, skied the backcountry, and practiced yoga, you’d get Gus O’Malley, a private eye who turns over every leaf to find his man—just as you will turn every page of this thriller for outdoor lovers.

Eugene Buchman, Magazine Editor, Steamboat Pilot and Today, and author of Brothers on the Bashkaus; Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids; Ultimate Canoe and Kayak Adventures; Comrades on the Colca; and Tales from a Mountain Town.

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